LBE Free Helpdesk 2.5

LBE Free Helpdesk 2.5: Free multi-user helpdesk system - no timeouts, no tricks!!! Free multi-user helpdesk system - no timeouts, no tricks!!! Absolutely no charge for use. This is an earlier version of our helpdesk system and is completely free to use. Features: Audit Trail, E-mail notifications,Prioritize, Categorize, Flexible Reports.Maintain customer address and contact details,Transfer of jobs between operators.

MobileTFTP 1.1: Tftp server for Windows Mobile Pocket PC
MobileTFTP 1.1

Tftp server for Windows Mobile Pocket PC. It accepts multiple concurrent connections and features options to set access permissions, to enable tftp extension options, logging and timeouts. Fully compliant with tftp protocol (rfc 1305) version 2, supports tftp options extension such the tsize. Along with MobileVT® is a valuable tool to mantain and update network devices with a PDA.

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commandLine .NET

Secure and managed .net component that executes DOS and console commands. Each command executes asynchronously and raises events containing current output, completion status, and DOS ERRORLEVEL. Users can also set timeouts, abort commands, and simulate user input. Includes binaries, merge module, sample solution, documentation and technical support.

basic, visual, ms dos, console, dotnet, component, msdos, tool, sharp, assembly, command

N-View 3.1: N-View is a network monitor for small and medium-sized networks.
N-View 3.1

N-View is a network monitor for small and medium-sized networks. It features automatic scanning of subnets for host addresses, monitoring of ICMP responses from all hosts, signalling of timeouts and delays in the GUI and by mail, a portscanner, an SNMP client (MIB browser and trap receiver), a graphical display of network traffic for network interfaces, connectivity to hosts by telnet, HTTP browser, or an arbitrary external program (such as ssh).

network, monitor

FileSplitter 1.0: Got large files you need splitting up? Here`s a handy little tool to do just tha
FileSplitter 1.0

FileSplitter is a freeware and open source, no frills tool to split up files into a specified number of chunks. Whether you`re on dialup and need to transfer large files over the internet without worrying about timeouts or disconnection; want to send that large presentation or document via email or even put that movie file on rapidshare, FileSplitter will chop down your file into more manageable pieces in 4 clicks on your mouse.

freebie, fileunite, windows, put back together, part, filesplitter, join, win32, split files, shareware, freeware, source code, split

Performance Pinging 2.0.1: Tool for testing availability, response times and performance.
Performance Pinging 2.0.1

Perfping is a tool that allows you to ping a host continuously or with a single ping using different data volumes. This can give you an indication of the performance of the route to your host. You can change the ping intervall from 2 to 30 seconds using various timeouts. The timeout is always smaller than the pinging interval. Results are written to log window and log file if so chosen. Unreachable hosts have a value of 0 ms.

icmp availability, response times, performance, performance pinging

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ServerBrowse 1.0

ServerBrowse is a Quake III Arena Server Browser and game launcher. Features include the ability to sort available servers by any parameter, such as ping time, map name, IP Address, etc., the ability to launch Quake III Arena directly into the server of your choice, adjustable color schemes, and adjustable advanced features such as threading parameters, timeouts, etc. ServerBrowse is FREEWARE. No adware, spyware, viruses, or trojans.

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